The Geeky Cauldron Grab bag - April 2017

The Geeky Cauldron started as a shop on Etsy and moved over to Shopify. In honor of their launch, they let certain companies know they would be offering limited time grab bags - a $50 option and a $25 option. It was announced on March 22nd through My Subscription Addiction.

I happened to be online at the time the announcement was made and I have a thing for grab bags, so I went with the $25 option. Shipping was $5.50, for a total of $30.50 for the whole thing.

Imagine my surprise when this big bag showed up! (For reference - about the size of two hardcover books).

And imagine my further surprise when I opened it to find that there were a *boatload* of items inside. Four separate items, and two boxes. Each of the two boxes were likewise filled with items!

(To clarify before I get to the goodies - items that were in resealable packaging were removed for pictures only in instances where I have no interest in keeping them. All earrings stayed in their packages for pictures because I did not want to loose them and I'm writing this in the middle of the night and cannot get to my jewelry box without waking the littlest one. Anything not being kept was placed back in its resealable packaging after pictures.)

The first item is a bracelet made to look like two leaves of Lorien (from Lord of the Rings)

I tried to take several different angled shots to give you an idea of what it looks like.

It's beautiful. It's made of pewter. I love it. 

Here's a look at one of the leaves up close.

The next item is a much smaller bracelet that says "Hold the Door."

This one is a cuff bracelet, so I imagine there's a bit of give there. 

I want to say this is a reference to the Game of Thrones show, but I'm not positive. I haven't finished reading the series yet (my TBR pile is huge), and until that point, I'm not going to watch the show. :P

And the next fandom on the docket is Supernatural. This one isn't as well made as the first two - indeed, I would probably say this is the poorest quality item in the lot. If I were to want to keep it, it would need to be filed down to get the leftover edges from manufacturing removed, and I would want to change it to a leather thong instead of a plastic chain. 

Up next is the Hunger Games. I love the mockingjay symbol turned into a bracelet, but I hate that the bracelet is plastic braid instead of leather. Ultimately, this isn't one that I would keep. Due to the type of clasp at the back, it would be a PITA to try to get this redone in such a way for me to wear it. I have a metal mockingjay pin purchased around the time the second book came out (so years and years ago), and that will have to suffice for jewelry from this fandom for me.

See? I told you there was a lot in the boxes!

Box 1:

Box 2:

And I started taking pictures of box 2 first. 

A time turner! This was a major method of plot advancement in the books and the movies, and while this isn't as high of a quality one as I have seen before (which would spin based on the knobs at the sides), both inner rings do spin and the hourglass in the center does have real sand in it. I really like this one. 

And next we have a map of Middle Earth in a bottle on a leather thong. A proper leather thong! Finally! I really like this one, and even though it's a glass jar containing the map, it's quite lightweight, so it won't thunk heavily against your chest while walking. 

The next item was a charm bracelet. This is for the Dr. Who fans. I'm not a Dr. Who fan, so I'm unfamiliar with all of the different charms and what they might represent. 

Another charm bracelet was in box 2. I want to say this one is a Disney themed charm bracelet, but I'm honestly not sure. Disney makes the most sense though, with the Davy Jones contract, the tea, the parrot (Iago), the castle, Tinkerbelle, a magic wand, etc. 

And then we have Star Trek earrings! I'm a trekkie. This is right up my alley. I'll wear them with my Star Trek red shirt. That's right - I went with Engineering/ Expendable. 

On to Box 1's contents!

Up first is a gold Harry Potter ring. I wear a size 6 ring, and this fits like a charm. (Note: you did not provide any sizing at the time of ordering, so this was just sheer luck). Still, I am not big on gold, and this just isn't my style.

The necklace says "It does not do to dwell on dreams." A quote from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I've seen this type of necklace gaining in popularity, where all the words are run together, and I have to say it's not my thing. I have one that says "doubleplusgood" in this style, but that's because that's all supposed to be run together. I don't like the lack of spacing, so this isn't going to be a keeper for me either.

I couldn't tell what this was without removing it from the resealable package.

Turns out it was another Harry Potter necklace. Not my style, but I can see why some would appreciate its minimalist style.

I couldn't tell what this one was either, so I removed it from the resealable package too.

A gold plated lightning bolt necklace to go with the gold ring. Gold really isn't my thing, otherwise I would call this Zeus's and happily wear it. As it stands, Box 1 was primarily a Harry Potter box. 

Next was a pair of lightsaber earrings. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be a trekkie and a fan of Star Wars. These are mine. They have a higher level of detail than what shows up in the pictures too!

The final item in box 1, the last item in the grab bag, was a bronze colored key on a chain. It's to 221b. It's simple while still giving a nod to Holmes. 

The back is also quite pretty if you're into the fandom and are worried about it bouncing when walking.

All in all - I was blown away at the amount of jewelry they sent. That's 15 pieces of jewelry for $30.50. I will personally be keeping 5 of the pieces, which translates to $6.10 paid per if I look at just dividing that cost by what I will keep. As the Geeky Cauldron's store isn't live yet and they've closed down their Etsy shop in the interim, I can't give you values on the items using store prices. I can say that either way you split it, I'd have been willing to pay those prices. All in all, this exceeded my wildest expectations!