Nerdy Post April 2017 review

Nerdy Post  has their own site where they sell other goodies and past boxes (that's what the link is to) and they have a subscription box on Crate Joy. You'll only see this before you start the signup process, and it won't remind you again, so I will mention it here - "Use code NERDYNEWBIE at checkout to get 10% off your first month"

With that being said - it costs $13.99 per box for the subscription. Plus shipping it comes out to $18.55 for the first box, with the above discount code applied. At the time of this post, the discount code is still being offered. 

These are mostly print based items, so think of it like decorations, cool little trinkets and stuff you can mail, bookmarks and stickers. I've liked some of the items in their boxes in the past that I've seen in reviews, so I figured I would give it a shot.

Onto the box!

For those of you who like your subscription boxes to come in a fancy box, this delivers. My main concern, as always, is that the box does the job of a box, i.e. things don't get damaged. In this case, the box came through with flying colors.

The first item in the box was washi tape. I don't do washi tape. I have no clue what to use this for. It is pretty awesome in that it has the one ring text in Elvish going around in a ring of gold tape. 

It's a full sized roll of washi tape, near as I can tell. While no values are associated with this box as almost everything is made or designed by the person who runs the box, an average custom washi tape roll runs between $3.98 plus shipping and $9.99 plus shipping, so if this is your thing, that covers almost half the cost of the box right there.

Next up was from the Shire Post Mint. I took several pictures so you can see all the info in the coin pouch. It's a Gondor Penny. A silver Gondor Penny will set you back about $26 bucks, so for this to be included - super awesome. That's more than the cost of the box right there. As a LOTR fan, I'm keeping this!

Next up was an ad for LitJoy Crate. Maybe they have an item in there next month? I'm not sure. It was very out of place in this box.

And then we get back to the actual box contents. First is a mini-print ready for framing that says "Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many paths to tread." Very nice and I will be framing this one for the wall.

A sticker with a quote about Sauron. This is going on the desk. 

A postcard to color that promotes the box. 

And three handcrafted bookmarks of varying sizes. These are double sided. The first picture shows the front of the bookmarks....

and the second picture shows the back of the bookmarks. One can never have too many bookmarks.

And then there was a mini-poster. It was rolled up in the box, so the scissors and the fingers were necessary in the picture to show you what it looked like (otherwise you'd just see a rolled up piece of poster paper). 

All in all, there are some very useful items in this box. However, of the items in the box, I will use the bookmarks, frame the print and mini poster, and keep the coin. They're really neat items, and I'm glad I gave it a try and even happier that it was LOTR. That being said, this isn't going to be a continual box for me. Maybe an every now and again box. I'm all for usability, but I'm like as not going to use a receipt as a bookmark, or a part of an envelope, before I will remember I have a pile of bookmarks waiting for me to use them in the library. This is a very cool box, and the value is there, but I don't see myself getting much use out of it on a general level.