March 2017 Box of Happies Review

In February I got several of the grab bags done by Box of Happies. This month I opted to try one of their full sized boxes.

If you use the code HAPPIES at checkout, you will receive an additional necklace for free.

The cost for a single box is $29.49, with discounts given for longer subscriptions. There are no recurring charges, and if you want a single box, without a longer commitment, you will have to sign up each month. You cannot cancel your subscription, you cannot get a refund. If you buy two months, you get two months, etc.

The box comes in a bag, just like the grab bags.

Unlike the grab bags, however, you get a hard plastic case - like the old spacemaker pencil boxes, that you can use for storage of items. I'm using mine for crafting supplies.

The info card gives you the list of items included - this one had five items, with the additional bonus necklace acquired using the promo code mentioned above. At this time the code is still active for the site.

This was the freebie necklace I got. It's not to my taste, but it will be a good one for gifting. 

The second item was the headband. Floral is not my thing, but this headband is amazing. It stays perfectly. It's the only headband I have that doesn't slowly slide off my head. It is perfect for doing yardwork, for working out - keeping the hair out of your face and all - and it works great if you're more of a girly girl and want to use it with a face mask as well. 

This soap smelled divine! It made the whole box smell divine. I'm quite pleased with this one. 

The necklace, however, not so much. This style - glitter glued on to circles, was in the grab bags and I set them aside last month for the gift pile. Very middle school-esque. There is no outer coating, so they're quite rough and could easily catch on clothing and the like. 

The ring was the same as the necklace, but with gold glitter instead of blue and green. I did not take it out of the bag because glitter is evil.

And it's an adjustable ring. Bleck. 

The final item in the box was a set of four wine cork magnets - they're wine corks with magnets hot glued on. I am not a wine person. I am a whiskey person. I know several wine people that would appreciate these though. 

All in all - two of the six items were a hit for me. I really wish they would go back to amethyst jewelry - that was the whole reason I wanted to try them in the first place. Or that they would include something from Turquoise Tyrannosaur on Etsy. That'd be nice. All in all - not really my thing. Still - if you include the box, that's three of seven items, which isn't so terrible for a grab bag. I'd wish that there were more practical items - like the soap and the headband and the box, but a grab bag is a grab bag, and part of the fun is seeing what's inside.