Luke and Lorelai Limited Edition Wedding Box Stars Hollow Monthly April 2017

The Luke and Lorelai Limited Edition Wedding Box was the Stars Hollow Monthly (SHM) limited edition box put out this quarter. This was the first SHM limited edition box.

For those who may be unaware, SHM is put out by Lit-Cube as one of their subscriptions. This box, and all the SHM boxes, are Gilmore Girls themed. This was a one time only box, though you can go to the Lit-Cube site (link above) and sign up for the regular subscription, the wax melt subscription, or the standard book subscription, if you are interested. (Note: This is not a promo link - I don't get anything if you subscribe, I just want to make it to where you don't have to google to find it if you are interested.)

The limited edition boxes are slightly more expensive than the normal boxes by about ten dollars. This one was available for purchase starting in February. While I have never before tried their limited edition boxes, I got both this one and the Stranger Things Lit-Cube limited edition box. (See older posts to check out the review of that one!)

I didn't get into Gilmore Girls when it first came out back in the 90s as it came on during a time when I had other activities. For you young'uns, this was before Netflix existed, when we still went to Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, and before that thing called DVR. If you wanted to watch a show, you had to make time for it when it came on! *shakes fist* Now get off my lawn!

Joking aside - back to the point. It has been recommended to me many times over the years, but it wasn't until last year that I got to sit down and watch the show. Short version - I love books, I loved the show. While the *spoiler if you haven't seen A Year in the Life* wedding between Luke and Lorelai didn't happen until the new episodes that Netflix put out this year, I was interested in the box, the concept, and the goodies that might be inside.

Now, the boxes were a few days late going out due to the sale a few weeks ago and the shop getting a bit backlogged, but it wasn't a big deal, as shipping fell right before the weekend. Peggy (the owner of Lit-Cube) was also really great about maintaining open lines of communication, which goes a long way toward customer service.

The box is no longer available, but you can see it here!

On to the box!

For those of you who are interested in saving subscription box boxes, or who prefer to get their subscription box in a pretty box, this is the same design you would see for the normal SHM monthly box. For me? I either reuse the boxes to send things to other people or they go to cardboard recycling, so this type of thing is kind of wasted on me. 

Upon opening the box, the info card is the first thing you see. On the front of the info card, it looks like it is a wedding invitation, which is kind of neat. 

The back of the info card provides information on the theme of the box, lists the items included, and gives an approximate value of each.

The first thing present was a sugar cookie with the character's names and the wedding date given in the show. It lists the cookie at a $2.99 value. While I wouldn't pay three dollars for a cookie when you can make cookies or even buy a tube of cookie dough for that much or less, I will say that this was a darn good cookie. I don't normally like frosting, particularly bakery frosting, as I find it's too sweet 90% of the time. This was just the right amount of sweet and tasted delicious. Yes, it broke in two during shipping, but this meant that the little one didn't run off with the whole thing and I actually got to enjoy one of the snacks in this box for once. 

Next up was a Luke and Lorelai candle made by In the Wick of Time. This is one of the companies that is well known for making candles based on book scents. They contributed a candle to the March Lit-Cube box and I loved it. The scents are actually stronger when they aren't burning, so I just end up taking the lid off for awhile and changing the smell in the room. It's a great boost while writing. The info card lists this 2 oz candle as $5.99. Seeing as how the store sells full sized (8 oz) candles for $16.50 plus shipping, the $5.99 price seems quite accurate. This particular candle smells like coffee and donuts. For Houstonians - it smells like Shipley's. For the rest of you - it smells like the best donut shop you'll ever visit. 

What it looks like under the lid:

Next up was a t-shirt. It says "I'd rather be at Luke's" with the no cell phone sign from the wall and the city and state below it. The same issue - for me - with this one was something that was all my fault. It's too big. See, back in the Fall of last year I noticed that subscription boxes were not using preshrunk t-shirts anymore, which meant that after 1-3 washes, the shirts that I liked had become too little and thus had to be passed on to elder child. I switched over to getting one size larger (L instead of M), which solved the problem. The thing is - Lit-Cube was one of the few companies that recognized that this was an issue, and the limited edition boxes were the first boxes with the new shirt company. They warned everyone that they were oversized, but I opted not to change my sizing so that I could see what I was going to be looking at. The L is the equivalent of a men's XL. The shirts are unisex, so keep this in mind if you do decide to order. This will be my shirt to wear to the pool though, because it's just so soft, and because I live in a small town with a town square now, and it's quite appropos. 

Next up is a coffee mug. It's beautifully designed and it does have a Lorelai quote on it. It says, if you scroll through the next three pictures "I believe in a former life I was coffee." This has been a big month for mugs, and this one, while beautifully done, is not going to be a keeper for me. I'm just not a coffee person. 

The final item in the box is "a thousand yellow daisies" infinity scarf, with a listed value of $12.99. Given that scarves like this one range from ~ $9 to ~$30 on Etsy, the estimated value seems reasonable. I don't do infinity scarves though, so this one stays in the package. 

All in all, it was a fun box. The majority of the items are ones that I won't really use, but I am glad that I got to see what was in it, and I really enjoyed the experience. I am not sure what I was hoping would be in the box, but I definitely think that the items selected fit well with the theme of the box itself. Will I get another limited edition box if there is one? Yeah, I would. Do I hope that it has more things in it that I can get practical use from than were present in this one? Yup, I do.