Kal-Elle Fandom March 2017 box

Kal-Elle Fandom is a store that makes custom shoes, jewelry and accessories based on fandoms. They also have a subscription box service through Crate Joy. They've had some pretty spiffy items in the past, so I decided to give them a try. The cost is $19.00 per box, with shipping to TN at $3.75, for a total of $22.75 for the box.

There's 7-9 items per box, which gives each item a cost between $3.25 and $2.53, depending on the number of items in the box. Past boxes have included Harry Potter, Nightmare before Christmas, Deadpool, and Supernatural. Next month is either Pirates of the Caribbean or Wonder Woman - it was mentioned on the Facebook page, but there was some confusion as to which was for what month. This month's theme was Super Mario Bros. I was rather looking forward to it as I really enjoy the game.

Onto the box!

For those of you who are into fancy boxes, this would fit the bill. It's a thicker cardboard than some of the subscription boxes, which increases the likelihood that there will be no damage. The box was in great shape when it got here.

The info card has a Mario scene on one side, making it frameable if that's your thing.

On the other side it lists the eight items in this box. 

This is the first item, a postcard sized print that's supposed to be Princess Peach. Looks more like a pink zombie. I was not a fan. 

The rest of the items were in tissue paper. There was a notepad, a set of two coasters, a magnet, and a bag full of jewelry. 

This is the second coaster. I wasn't a fan of the coasters at first, but they have come in handy on the nightstands. The magnet holds about three sheets of paper without sliding, and the notepad is of good quality. I've already used it to write a letter to my niece. 

Here you can see three of the items in the blue bag of jewelry. An ear cuff shaped like a star, which while sort of in keeping with the theme is a bit of a stretch. A Mario silhouette necklace, and Yoshi earrings. 

The earrings reflected the glare really badly so I took a closer picture. 

Also included was a Boo ring. It looks pretty neat from the top....

But from the bottom you can see it's just a cheap adjustable ring.

And pineapple flavored chapstick. I'm not sure how pineapple fits with Mario, but that's just me.

None of the jewelry was to my taste, so it will be set aside for gifting. The chapstick is likewise not something I am interested in. This left me with a magnet, a notepad, and a 2 pack of coasters, four items, which would take it up to $5.68 per item if I'm looking at only the things that I will keep. The jewelry looks nicer in the pictures than it does up close, and it has a very middle school feel to it for me. Meaning it will be perfect for my daughter's angel tree gifting next Christmas, but it's definitely not anything that I would use. I ended up cancelling this one after the first box. It wasn't a disappointment per se, but it definitely wasn't something that I will be able to use. It's just not for me, but if this is for you and if you do like all of the items included, it is a really good value. As for me? I'll just stick with their store. Then I will know exactly what I'm getting and will be pleased with the results. They're well made items - these just aren't for me, even though this is one of my favorite games from back in the day.