Geek Chic Monthly April 2017 box review

About this time last year I tried Geek Chic Monthly. I didn't like it, to say the least. I tried it again this year as a one time box to see if my opinion had changed.

You get somewhere between five and ten items a month based around a different theme. They're mostly jewelry based and themes do repeat, though the items in the box do not. This month was their second time, that I am aware of, doing an Alice in Wonderland theme.

The box is $15.00 a month with $3 shipping, for a grand total of $18. This is a pay in advance subscription, unlike some of the other jewelry subscription boxes, so if you signed up in March, you would have received April, like I did.

On to the box!

The box is really fancy. I mean really, really fancy. I'd bet a ton of money went to the ink to get these all printed. The top of the box displays the theme of the month.

The side of the box lets you know which subscription box company this one is from.

 The front of the info card has an Alice in Wonderland print on it. If you were feeling spiffy you could probably frame this for your wall or some such. 

The back of the info card lets you know all of the items that are in the box. In this case, there are five items.

The first is a vinyl decal. Let me tell you, this was a royal pain in the butt. It's not a true decal or a true sticker, it's a clear sticker with vinyl letters and teeth which are not attached to the actual sticker part. Peeling off the back did not go as planned. It took forever but we mostly got the black attached to the sticker and finally on the desk. If the clear sticker comes up, all the little black cutouts are just going in the trash. I'm not about to deal with that hassle again. 

The second item - a "flamingo inflatable cup holder." If you have your own pool or hot tub, I suppose this is a neat idea. We got rid of our hot tub and drinks do not go in the bathtub. So, this is a rather useless item for me. It has no package of its own, so it's now just sitting in one of the boxes full of subscription box items that I have no use for. 

Underneath the flamingo was a reusable jewelry bag wrapped in tissue paper. Lots of tissue paper. 

The first item in the jewelry bag was a "we're all mad here twisted ring." What this means is that it has the quote printed on a piece of metal that was cut and wrapped to be ring sized. 

I tried to get a couple more shots but I did not want to take it out of the package. This isn't one that anyone in the house could use or would use.

Top view

Alice and Wonderland mismatched stud earrings. They're the best quality item in here, but I still cannot wear earrings as the little one likes to try to yank them off. So these are a no go for me as well. There's no outside packaging for this item, it was just loose in the jewelry bag. 

And then there's an "acrylic statement necklace" in the shape of a teapot. The chain is rather cheap, and it's just a silhouette of a teapot, nothing fancy. 

I tried to get a better picture, but again, I didn't want to take it out of the package.

All in all, this box was a complete bust for me yet again. I'm not going to try it out again, not next year, nothing. I can see this box as being good for a tween or teenage girl. It's just not my thing. At roughly five dollars an item - less if you decided to frame the info card picture, that's not a bad value - roughly what you'd expect to pay at Claire's or wherever the hip teenagers go these days. It's just definitely not for me.