Dolly Parton Imagination Library April 2017

For those of you who are not aware of the program, Dolly Parton (yes, the singer/ actress) wanted to increase the number of children reading without the children, or their parents, having to worry about book access. She started the Imagination Library as a result. You have to be in the USA, the UK, CA, or AU to participate in the program. Your child must be under the age of five to participate, and you have to fill out the forms for each child in the house, but that's it. The signup process takes about 10 minutes, and it can take up to two months to get added to the list to start receiving books. This is only the second month we have received a book for the littlest one, and I signed her up in January when I heard about the program. 

On to the book! 

 Last month the book was a hardback, this month it's a paperback. The book was Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

As before, the sticker with the address is placed straight on the book, underneath the shrink wrap. This irks me to no end. It's a free book, I know, but trying to take off the sticker has the potential to damage the book, and I hate using nail polish remover to remove stickers and I hate using any other chemical to remove the stickers because it leaves the books stinky. Books are meant to smell like books and who in their right mind is a part of a charity designed to spread the love of books does something like this?

While I didn't take a picture of it, I would also like to say that this is one of those annoying softcover books that wants to pretend to be a hardcover, i.e. the covers have the little flaps like a dust jacket would on a hardcover book. It makes it very annoying to hold and read to a little one. That being said - I think it's great that a free book is sent every month, and my little one absolutely loves getting new books in the mail, so this is a win-win, even if I don't like the way they go about it.