Cheerios Bring Back the Bees!

Cheerios had a Bring Back the Bees campaign last month. You entered your address and you would be sent a package of wildflower seeds.

They had some flack as some of the flowers were apparently considered invasive species by some states even though none of the seeds in the packages were on any invasive species list. The flak died down and they continued to give away seeds. It was first come first serve and no indication of where you were on the list or whether you would get seeds. You just put in your name and hoped.

Surprise! I found out this week I made it before their 1.5 million cut off.

This is the seed package I got. I couldn't tell you what kind of seeds are in the package. I honestly couldn't care what kind of flowers will be growing. As long as I don't kill them, I will have flowers. The bees in the clover patch in front of the house will have more flowers to buzz in and I will get to watch them do so. And that's why this is cool. We're going to put in a whole new flower bed for these little guys. Way to go General Mills! This was an awesome campaign. 

Why am I talking about this on a review page? Well, it's a review of the campaign so to speak, while at the same time raising awareness for bees and plants and improving life around you. It's Earth Day! This is our Earth Day review! 

Were you lucky enough to get a package? What are you doing to improve your world?