ByJenJen April 2017 box review

ByJenJen is a subscription box run by an Etsy owner of the same name. The box offers "a verity (sic) of natural products, from deodorant to salves to DIY kits - using herbs & oils." Barring the typos, I was hoping for the DIY aspect and it seemed worthwhile to give it a shot. There's a current promo running that allows you to get free shipping on your first box. I share it here because you'll only see it on the main page and it won't be visible when you go to check out "Use code FREESHIP1STBOX at checkout to get a special discount"

As of writing this, the promotion is still active. 

I went with the "Monthly smile box" at $18.50 a box. Shipping was free because of said aforementioned promo code. Note: this is a promo code from the box directly. I get nothing if you use it, in case you were wondering.

On to the box!

A plain brown box! How nice! The return address label let me know that this was the subscription box. What more did I need? Nothing. For those of you fancy box people, expect utility for this one! (At least on the outside.) The address (hidden underneath my plain white card of boringness) was handwritten, which was a nice touch.

Inside the box.... there was another box! This is a nice little gift box that folds down easily for storage and you could use to cheater wrap someone else's present. 

Opening this box, you find all the goodies! Everything was all willy-nilly, which was more fun than expected.

I organized everything for you. There were six items in the box.

The first item was linen spray. My first thought was - what the heck am I going to do with linen spray? And then the children came in. They stunk like sweaty kids, as children do. I sprayed their clothes. Stink gone. Instantly gone. I'm all for them playing. I think it's fantastic. I think more kids should go and get hot and sweaty and run amuck. I also think that I do not want that stink in my office. Boom! Insta problem solver. 

The next item was a small bar of goat milk soap. I'm actually kind of glad that the soap mold they use says that otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue what kind of soap it was. It's got a good lather and it leaves your skin feeling clean. Very nice. 

The third item was bug spray. Again, I wonder - what am I going to do with this? My window was open in the office. It doesn't currently have a screen. A mosquito found me. I sprayed myself down lightly. Window remained open and I did not get bit for the rest of the night. It doesn't smell like bug spray either, which is quite nice. 

Up next was a big ol' bottle of hand sanitizer. I should start putting something in the pictures for scale, I think. We are not hand sanitizer people in this house. We are "if your hands are dirty go wash them" people. Still - everything else had come in quite handy, so I set it to the side. The very next day, littlest one was cranky. She did not want to wash her hands. She did not want to do anything. I sprayed her hands and she was good. All the sticky was gone and it had a nice scent that didn't linger over long. 

Chapstick was next in the box. Admittedly, I have not yet tried this. So many boxes come with chapstick these days that there's about one going in every room and more in a box under the sink for when those run out. So, this went to the stash, because it is useful.

The last item in the box was a herbal bath soak. Gorgeous, minimalist packaging. 

And it smelled heavenly. I couldn't tell you what the herbs are that are mixed with the Epsom salt. I can tell you that it smells like plants and the outdoors, and it is perfect for soothing a toddler who was in a car all day and doesn't want a bath but wants a bath and doesn't want to do anything but go to sleep but doesn't want to do that either. As an added bonus, there's still plenty left for me to use if I ever get the chance!

This box would be what I would call a "luxury box." The cost per item comes out to about $3.08 per item, which doesn't sound like that much, but is more than what I would pay for these sized items. The packaging is super fancy, which is another reason I give it that label, and it's clear that a lot of work goes into these items. I'd say this box was definitely worth the price, and I love that I was able to get use out of every single item, or will get use out of every single item. This is going to become a "periodic" box for me. Probably once every three or so months. That will give me time to use up all of the items before getting another one. I cannot stress enough how amazing that linen spray is. 

I recommend you at least giving this one a shot. It's high quality stuff, and it feels very "adult" to use the items. Like you're doing something for you. Quite pleased!