Appraising Pages/ The Book(ish) Box - One time box - The Feminist Box - April 2017

The Book(ish) Box is done by Appraising Pages. The Book(ish) Box is the monthly subscription box, while Appraising Pages, the company, also puts out individual one time boxes through their site. This is a review of the April one time box through Appraising Pages.

The one time boxes are a little more expensive than the monthly subscription. $38 including shipping.

The theme for this box was feminism, which if you recall refers to equality for all and not females good, men bad. Just to clear that up in advance.

On to the box!

The box is the same whether you are getting a one time box or the subscription box. It's durable, it's sturdy, and it holds far more than I expected it to. The person boxing these up has some next level Tetris skills, I'm sure.

The info card doesn't offer any approximate price valuations - just lets you know the type of item and who made it. In this box there was a shirt, a mug, an air plant, a necklace, and a sticker.

First up - the air plant! I like plants. I have the ability to kill plants. Therefore, I really like succulents. Air plants are succulents. They are durable and practically impossible to kill. I cannot tell you the joy that this has brought me sitting on my desk. I open my office window for the plant in the mornings. It's so incredibly awesome. This last week has been a mixture of really, really positive and really, really crappy for me, and just being able to look over and see my little plant there makes me happy. It's freaking awesome. Oh, and it's painted a little purple and it has a little charm on a rubber bandy elastic thing to make it fit the feminist theme. This is one of those cases where I go "who cares if it matches the theme? I have a plant!" Seriously, this was/ is the best.

Next up in the box was the necklace. It says "For most of history, Anonymous was a woman." It's very high quality, and it's quite appealing to me as a writer and as someone who has studied the works of past decades. Everything about it suits me from the antiquated bronze finish to the book print of the necklace to the quote. I really like it. 

The mug was next in the box. It says "The future is female." I am not a fan of this. Not only do I have way too many mugs already, I don't like the font, or the colors, and I won't use this. It went in the pile of stuff that I will not use from subscription boxes. The little arm in the background was the little one helping herself to the paper grass from the box that comes as padding. 

Another shot of part of the writing.

The last shot of the rest of the writing.

The sticker was next. It's difficult to read, between the colors and the background text, but it says "We can not all succeed when half of us are held back." I like the quote. I would like it more if I could read it easier. Even still, I added it to the desk that I am covering in stickers. It's becoming quite the work of art. 

The shirt was the last item in the box. It says "I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves - Mary Shelly." It should be a comma, but I like the sentiment, and the shirt fits like a dream. It's long, coming down to midway down the back pockets of my jeans. It fits well, and it's incredibly soft. Definitely a keeper.  

I think that the bulk of the cost for this box was meant to be tied to the mug, but it's definitely not a keeper for me. Even still, I really like all of the other items, and my plant most of all. I'm very, very pleased with this particular box. 

Their next one time box (shipping next month and now sold out) is a Harry Potter box, like I mentioned at the beginning of the month on the Facebook page. I debated long and hard between the different houses, but ultimately decided to go with Gryffindor over Slytherin, primarily because the LootCrate box coming next month will be Slytherin - spoiler! Others in this house are bigger Harry Potter fans than I, but why not try something at least once, right?