Appraising Pages/ The Book(ish) Box - one time box - Outlander

Appraising Pages puts out The Book(ish) Box, a monthly subscription box. They also do a ton of one time boxes that you can purchase that are setup around different fandoms. This is their third time doing an Outlander box, based on the series by Diana Gabaldon. Each time it's different. Each time I have regretted not getting one. When the third one was announced in February, I knew I had to give it a try. For the one time boxes - these have set themes for specific fandoms and are not equal to the items that would be received in the normal subscription box, mind you - you are paying as a preorder. So - six to eight weeks from the time they go on sale is when they start shipping. I ordered shortly after they were announced, so it felt like I was waiting for forever!

This box was $30 with $7 shipping.

Good to know: They announce a ship date, but that's not wholly accurate. All boxes are shipped over the course of a four to five day time frame. Don't expect to get your tracking on the first day they start shipping, as it may not happen.

That being said - on to the box!

If you sign up for their subscription, this is the same box you would see. No special boxes for one time boxes, which is nice - it means the extra cost isn't going to the box itself. 

Upon opening the box, the info card was sitting right on top of the tissue paper. There was nothing printed on the back of the info card. The info card gives you a general idea of what you will receive and who it was made by. In this case, there's a shirt, a candle, a necklace, a print, and a cup. 

The print was the first actual thing in the box. It's a reprint of a water color painting done of a henge. Very appropriate for the box and the theme, and very well done. It's bigger than a 5x7, but smaller than an 8x10. I'll have to find a measuring tape in order to be able to put this in the proper sized frame. I wish they had included that information on the info card, but this particular info card wasn't very detailed.

There was a lot of Easter grass on top of everything, keeping it all a surprise, which I rather enjoyed.

Rummaging through the grass, the first thing I came across was a book scented candle. This one is made by Cherry Pit Crafts - one of the two main candlemakers that do book based scents. It smells amazing. There's some mint, some sage, some pine, and something else I can't place mixed in. It smells like the outdoors. Add a flame going and it's like you're camping.

The next thing extracted from the grass was the cup. It's made to look like a mason jar, except out of plastic. The quote on the cup is "Some like it Scot." I don't think this really fits into the theme of the box. It seems a bit cheesy, and it doesn't have the feel of the books at all. That being said, it will be perfect for having a drink with me while doing yard work this summer, and I will definitely get use out of it. It comes with a reusable straw. I tried to take a few pictures to get you a better idea of it. 

The next item was a dragonfly necklace. The second book in the series is Dragonfly in Amber. While I would have been over the moon if a replica or actual dragonfly trapped in amber was included - this at least goes with the theme of the series, and has a nice tie-in with the candle scent. It's definitely one that I would wear, but saying that, if it wasn't included in this themed box, I wouldn't really associate it as an Outlander item. Saying that - I still don't really see it as a standalone Outlander item.

The final item in the box was a shirt. I got this one in a medium, and it is roughly true to size - if it does shrink in the wash, it won't be noticeable, and I should still be able to get use out of it. It has a quote from Drums of Autumn, another book in the series. It says "Your face is my heart Sassenach, and the love of you is my soul." I'm quite pleased with this. 

So - I paid $37 for this particular box. As all the items are made for the box, there's no comparative price online, and I like that they didn't try to place a value on each of the items. This just leaves it to me to determine whether or not I am pleased with what I got for the price that I paid, and I must say that I am. If you take out the shipping cost, and just look at it as $30 for the 5 items, that's $6 per item, or whatever breakdown you would like - $2 for the print and $10 for the shirt, with the other items being $6, for example. All in all, I will get use out of each of these items, and happily. It's rare that I get a box where everything will get used by me, but that's part of the fun of subscription boxes - particularly if you think of them as grab bags.