Stars Hollow Monthly March 2017

Stars Hollow Monthly is also done through Lit-Cube. The cost is $34.90 a month (including shipping). You get three to five Stars Hollow - aka Gilmore Girls - themed items a month. I started with this box when it was first announced, but I cancelled for awhile. I saw a live chat on their FB page that gave the spoiler for this month right at the end of Feb before purchase options closed and I got the one-off gift subscription box because of it. (Spoiler - I got next month's as a one-off too - next month's theme is the Life and Death Brigade - no gorilla mask included).

I ultimately stopped my subscription in December because I don't like Funko and that was the spoiler item for January. I should have resubscribed for Feb because I would have gotten a Luke's diner meal planner which would have come in super handy, but there were no spoilers and I had too many other boxes going. I'm paying attention more closely now. =P

A few months back the box was upgraded to be fancier. This is the fancy "newish" box. Did I mention it's fancy looking?

The insert looks like a take home menu for Luke's Diner. I tried to come up with something to do with these because it's spiffy looking, but I had nothing. They're bookmarks until the little one destroys them by accident.

An ad for Gypsy's on the back

An add for Ms. Kim's on the inside

And then the goodies list. 

The magnet wasn't on the insert, so we're going to estimate about $2, because that's generally about what novelty magnets go for. It's a good magnet too - it's holding up all kinds of things on the fridge now. It's not one of those magnets that slowly slides down the fridge because it has the weight of a single piece of paper - oh no. This is a magnet that can do its job!

Next up was this pouch. I like the pouch.

This was inside the pouch. A lip scrub - what is it with scrubs these days?? And chapstick. I have not opened this chapstick as I am still using the Beauty and the Beast one from the LitCube box (they came a day apart). I like vanilla though, so I'm betting this one will get used up quick. The insert calls this a value of $15.99. Black Tie Market has been in the boxes before, and I wasn't impressed with it before (a different scrub last year). Their site says this chapstick is $4.50 and they sell the lip scrub for $13.00, so, if you buy it from the site it's $17.50 if purchased separately or $16.75 if you purchase the set of two in the spiffy bag. I gotta say, I like the bag more than the things inside it. So, in this case, the value is understated on the card, but it's not something I would pay for it. 

And these glasses were the spoiler, and the reason I got the box in the first place. They're supposed to be stemless wine glasses, but I don't drink wine. I just like fancy glasses. The top picture was the retort to the bottom picture. 

This was one of the back and forths between the two characters that I really enjoyed. It was saucy while still being classy, and you don't get much of that in entertainment these days. The price listed for both the glasses on the insert is $19.99, which seems fair. They're special order just for this box. They didn't get damaged at all in transit, which is one thing that Peggy was concerned about. 

The final item was another unique pillow case - it's becoming more frequent in both this and the Lit-Cube box. This one was for an 18x18 throw pillow insert, and again, it's a quote I really like. I bought an insert for it on Amazon for $7 and I'm waiting for that to come in. The pillow case is very high quality, and it's going on my reading chair in the library. The value on the insert is $14.99 - again this is a special order item only, so I don't have anything to compare it to. While this is more than I would pay for it in a store, it seems in line with the decorative home goods that you see in Target and what not, so there's that. I'm glad it came in the box, and for $7 I have a new pillow in the library to curl up with.

Using the values in the insert, it's $50.97 not including the magnet. Using the values from store sites, where possible, and including the magnet, it's $53.73 - so that's definitely there. It was a well curated box, and it came out quite nicely. I like all but one of the items in the box, and I will get use out of all but one of the items in the box (no, I will not be using the lip scrub). All in all, I'm quite pleased with it. Do I think it was worth the ~$35 bucks? Yup, because it was fun, it was nice, and they're things that I would use. Will I subscribe to Stars Hollow again in the future? Yup. Probably after the Life and Death Brigade Stars Hollow Monthly box ships so that I don't get two of them.