My Sci Fi Club March 2017

I'm not going to link this one to you. Okay, here's the thing - as a general rule, I usually avoid newer subscription boxes - I want them to have been out for a few months before I give them a go. Now, there are some exceptions, as in the case of Stars Hollow Monthly, where I signed up for that one straight away (of course, I had already been a customer of Lit Cube for several months, so I knew what to expect from the company). All in all, I prefer established, already got out the bugs, subscription boxes. This one though - this one sounded cool, so I gave it a chance.

The box: My Sci Fi Club
The cost: $14.99 a month

What's included - You have the option of selecting fantasy or sci-fi or "surprise me" which is billed as a mixture of both. You get two books and one dvd. The price is great for that, right?

That's what I thought.

So, the box came, and I was super excited....

I opened it to find an insert that says who packed the box

RJ was responsible for this...

The back of the insert talks about their other boxes that they have available. I was initially interested in My Thrill Club...until I saw what was in my box.

That's right. They sent the exact same books as did last month. They must use the same supplier. Words could not express my disappointment. 

And the movie was Pathfinder. It had a yellow clearance sticker from a dollar store on the back...

So - I contacted them on Facebook expressing my disappointment in the situation after immediately cancelling my subscription. No way did I want anything to do with this. They offered to make it right, asking me to change my review if their second box fulfilled my expectations. So, I waited ~1 week before posting the above review to show you how they responded.

Another box appears. Included with the box was a handwritten note. I considered uploading it but it's got personal info on it, and I'd rather not. It indicated that these were books pulled from what would be next month's shipment.

Book 1 in the box was book 40 in the Discworld series. That's not a typo - this is book forty in a series. No way in hell am I going to get the first thirty nine books in order to read this one. 

The second book in the box - Book number 2 in a series. Really? Really? 

And the movie: Species III - the third in the series. Now I liked Species, but I don't have any of them, and you don't watch them out of order.

So - to recap - books that other companies have used within a month's time and dollar store clearance movies, or..... books and movies that are not first in a series and you have to buy others to be able to get to these.


So much no.

If you're going to do a subscription box - you provide the first book, the first movie. You don't make your subscribers get their hopes up to be disappointed. You don't make your subscribers have to go buy other movies and other books just to be able to use what you include. 

So, while the customer service on this box is great, the product isn't. I'd review the list of all the boxes that they do and just stay away from them all, because it doesn't matter how good your customer service is if your product is crap. And this is crap. And I really had high hopes. =/