Geek Fuel March 2017 box review

Geek Fuel is a monthly subscription box that sends out products that are associated with current trends in various geek and nerd worlds, more geek, less nerd, but still neat, no matter which way you slice it.

The cost is ~$25 per month. They sent out something last month saying that the cost may go up by $1, but I haven't seen that applied in this month, which doesn't mean that it won't be. The increase in price was to cover the cost of upgrading to a higher quality t-shirt, which they have already done, and it is worth it in terms of quality and softness, so that's just something to keep in mind if you decide to subscribe.

The box -

This subscription comes in a thicker cardboard box than most of the others that I have subscribed to. It has never come damaged, and due to the amount of items and their weight, the box is appropriate. 

As always, included in this box is a general little magazine that provides updates to those who are interested in various franchises and goings on in the geek world - though if you're a geek and into one of the fandoms discussed, chances are everything in the magazine is old news. 

There's a pin in every box. The Geek Fuel mascot is this little robot guy. Each month he's dressed up to look like a character from a different fandom, and each month there are variations. Due to the new Power Rangers movie coming out, that's what he is this month. I got the Black Ranger. Personally, I was hoping for the Green/ White Ranger. He was always my fav. These pins, however, are not. Basically - I'm just sticking them in a drawer until I find someone else to give them to. I'm not big on tread robots.

In every box there is also a Steam game. This one is Starward Rogue, which looks a lot like Nuclear Throne, except instead of post apocalyptic, they stole a few pages from Galaga instead. Ended up letting my partner have this code to put on his Steam account, as the Nuclear Throne type games aren't really my thing. Galaga yes, Nuclear Throne, no. 

Next up in the box was a Magical Elixir lamp. While this says that it is a Geek Fuel exclusive, Think Geek sells one as well, so it's not truly an exclusive item. The rotation of colors is a bit fast, a few seconds on each color, but it looks really neat. 

The picture on the box? That's exactly what it looks like, and it does hit that shade of blue if the lights are off in the room. It's pretty spiffy, no joke. 

As with last month, there was a print in this box as well, complete with certificate of authenticity. 

Guardians of the Galaxy - an excellent movie. The print was smaller this month - an 8 x 10. It's already been framed and is on the wall. 

And the t-shirt! The orange silhouettes are Rocket and Groot from the first movie. The blue silhouettes in front are Rocket and baby Groot from the second movie. My partner laid claim to this shirt. It's quite soft, and the blue-grey background is a nice shade. 

The info card was on the bottom of the box instead of the top. The front (above) shows the shirt on, with pictures of the male and female variant cuts of the shirt. The back (below) shows the variants on the prints that you could get and the variants on the pins. 

While the fandoms themselves (Power Rangers, RPG potions, and Guardians) were ones that I genuinely enjoy, this month was less of a hit for me and more of a hit for my partner. It's nice to see him finally getting his office decorated though, and this box is definitely helping with that.

All in all - the value of the box is definitely there. The shirt would run about $13-18, the potion lamp about $35 bucks - or at least that's how much you'd spend on roughly the same one at Think Geek, the Steam game is $12, and the comic book sized print would be about $10 if I were to guess. So - not including the pin, that's about $75 worth of geek goodies for $25 ($24.90 to TN to be precise). With the two months fluctuating between likes and dislikes, but ultimately everything in the boxes (save the pins) being liked and used by the household, it's definitely worth it. Next month will be month three and I will decide then whether to keep it going or if it's just been a fun little jaunt.