Target February 2017 Beauty Box

I've been avoiding Target's beauty box like the plague since they went up in price to $10 - $10.95 with tax, but I figured I would give it one more go this month.

Like always, the box comes in clear plastic.

You get a coupon for $3 off beauty items of $15 or more - but the expiration date is now before their next box goes on sale, so this is a little pointless for me.

Everything was a little haphazard, but that's to be expected from shipping. 

The first item was Face & Glory's Face Soap Vitamin C Facial Wash. It didn't dry out my skin, and left it feeling fresh and clean. A full sized version of this product is sold for $10.99. 

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair shampoo and conditioner were next. These retail for $5.49 per full sized bottle for both the shampoo and conditioner. Again, trial sizes were provided in the box. I didn't notice anything different from normal shampoo. Still - the shampoo had decent lather and the conditioner rinsed out easily, so there's that.

I don't do makeup, I send all makeup goodies to my sister. She does makeup. I can't see well without my glasses, and so I never really learned to put on makeup, and the few times I have tried in the past, it was a huge hassle, so I just don't bother anymore. This doesn't look to be a full sized one, and a full size retails for $21.99 - so I guess that means that this is supposed to be fancy mascara?

Raw Sugar Body Wash Raw Coconut & Mango - A full sized bottle retails for $6.99 - again, this is trial sized. It's okay. It smells good, and it didn't dry out my skin, but it didn't moisturize it either. I wouldn't pay full price for a full sized one, but I'm okay with getting it in the box.

I don't do self-tanning either. Or tanning of any kind. I'm uber pale. This one goes to my sister with the makeup. A full sized box (5 pack of these little towelettes) is $15.99 - which seems overpriced to me, but then again, this isn't my cup of tea, so you may find it worthwhile.

Contrary to what it looks like on the package - this is not a sheet mask. It's one of the gel ones that you slime on and then peel off your face like kids peel skin from a sunburn. It didn't really hydrate my skin, but it did leave it feeling like my pores were a little tighter. And my little one loved peeling off my face, so to speak. This is a full sized package, and it retails for $3.49. These masks are fun, but I would say that's not really worth that much. 

The final item in the box was three samples of three different L'Oreal clay masks. These left my skin feeling great. I really like clay masks. Plus, I get to make faces at the little one, and that's a bonus for me. A full sized jar for one of the mask types retails for $12.99. Again, I don't know if I would ever pay that much for...well... mud, but it was fun.

I got to try some new products, and while I don't really feel like it was worth $11 - it is now on sale for $7, and I would say that it would definitely be worth it at that price. There are quantities still available at the time I am writing this, if you want to give it a go: