Fighting Pretty box

Okay - last month I heard about a free box. If you signed up in January, you had a chance to get one of the free boxes they were sending out this month in honor of their launch.

The site wasn't fully up yet for Fighting Pretty and nowhere on the contact form that you filled out did it say what the box was about.

I say this as a preface. I was super excited when I got notification that I would be getting a box. I clicked on their website link in the email....and found out it was supposed to be a box for women who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Well, now doesn't that just make me feel great? =/ I feel a little bad about it, because it should have gone to someone in the target audience. At the same time, their communication about it was lousy, and it should have been clear at the beginning. Had it been - I wouldn't have signed up to be entered to win one of the promo boxes.

That being said - you can Request a Pretty Package to be sent to anyone. You make a donation and they send one out. So, if you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer and you want to brighten their day, there's that option for you.

Onto the box - I can only feel so guilty. And this was a really neat thing.

It came in a nice box with little motivational stickers used to seal it shut.

Opening the box, everything was tied with ribbon and tissue paper. I saved the ribbon.

The info card isn't an info card, it's a morale booster.

Inside is information on the reason that the box is being done.

First in the box was a pair of pink boxing gloves.

The card says that you should hang them where you can see them and once you beat the cancer then you pass them on to someone else who is fighting. Cause they are boxing gloves, get it?

Next up was a tube of false lash adhesive.

And the fake lashes to go with it. A nice touch for someone during a chemo run.

And then there was a handy dandy notebook! (Too much Blue's Clues - couldn't resist).

The pages are blank, but it's pocket sized and quite nice. I can always use more notepads.

And there were instructions on how to put on false eyelashes in case you've never worn them before. I never have.

And here comes the guilt. A 12 year old colored this. It was intended for a cancer fighter. I'm sure someone with cancer would find it touching that they were getting notes from kiddos they don't know. As it was, it just made me feel guilty - poor communication about the box - not my fault! 

Next up a pair of black and pink polka dot socks. They don't have tags, just the little plastic thingy holding them together. I have no clue what brand they are, but they feel like they would be quite warm.

I didn't take out the plastic thingy, but here's them mostly unfolded. They would be knee high I believe.

A glittery emery board. A handy item for any individual.

And another bag of goodies. The stuff just keeps coming.

Included were a lip crayon, lip gloss, nail polish, a makeup brush, and eye shadow. This seems like it would be a lovely pick me up for anyone feeling down about a medical illness.

The final item in the box was this. I couldn't figure out what it was. 

After about five minutes I was able to get it unwrapped. It's an infinity scarf. Perfect for keeping the chill off the neck or for covering one's head if you were self-conscious after cancer treatments. It's so very soft. It feels like cotton, but I could be wrong. No tag on this either.

I have no clue what the value of this box is, but it's a lot. The box that you can request to be sent to someone else is even bigger than this one. This is just a promo box. It's beautifully curated, and each item is picked out with care for the theme of the box. It's a lovely idea.