DarbySmart Feb 2017 box

Darby Smart is a crafting subscription box that sends you one activity a month. All of the tools that you need to complete the project are included. The cost is $19.00 per month.

Before I get into February's box, I'd like to discuss the issue that happened this month, and how the company responded.

Last month was my first Darby Smart box, and I really liked it. I signed up using the promotion that offered the first box for free, just pay for shipping, making it $4.95. I figured at the time that this would be a great way to try a new box, and signed up. The value was definitely there with last month's woodburning kit. They ship around the 15th of every month, and this month, the 15th came and went, and I had received no information and the shipping tab of the account portal still showed last month's information. I sent in an email asking what the status was. I told them that if it hadn't shipped to just cancel the service, since I didn't have an issue in dealing with more shipping issues from another subscription box. 

The response was amazing. First contact resolution. They responded to let me know that my box had already shipped, that using the discount code had created an issue with the account so that it wouldn't have updated, and they may not have caught it if I didn't contact them. I was told that the issue was already fixed. I was also told that because of this glitch, I would receive February's box for $4.95, and that it had already shipped, and I was provided with tracking information. Did I still want to cancel, they asked? I was blown away. Not only was it fixed right the first time, they owned up to the issue, provided me with more than an acceptable response, and tracking indicated that my box would be here the next day (which it was!). I told them that I would hold off on cancelling and thanked them for their time.

Now, had I said nothing and just waited a day, my account would have stayed at the $4.95 cost, which would have been nice. Still - seeing how quickly and efficiently they worked to resolve the situation was quite nice. 

Now, onto the box! 

The box was in great condition, and I rather like that the text in the circle keeps changing month to month. It keeps it interesting. 

After opening the box, the theme, which was announced right before it shipped, was revealed. First, let me say that when I heard that it was going to be stamped leather, I had visions of the way that it was done when I was little, using the metal tool with the design, then lining it up on the leather and bashing it with a hammer to make the impressions. I loved that type of stuff. That being said, seeing that it was actual stamping was somewhat of a letdown for me. Still, this was based on my own perceptions and assumptions and was not the fault of any misrepresentation on the part of the company itself. Here's the front of the info card:

The back, as before, has a link to go to the instruction video, if you really need instruction on using a stamp pad.

Three bracelets were provided

Also included was craft glue, a bag of corks, leather flower cutouts, a stamp pad, and a leather square that could be used to make a keychain.

The idea on this one is that you take the flower cut outs, glue them to the corks, and viola - instant stamp that you can use to stamp designs on the leather. 

I don't have any results to show you on this one, as of yet, but this is probably going to turn into a huge mess with the girls. 

I like the variety offered in the two boxes I've received, and it definitely gives you the chance to try out new activities. That being said - I am happy with this as a $4.95 cost, but I'm not particularly thrilled with it at $19.00. That being said, as I did only pay $4.95 for it, I can't complain at all. So far there's been one hit and one miss for me. The third box will be next month and I will use that to make my determination!