Darby Smart January "Free" Box

Last month Darby Smart had a coupon that offered your first box for free, you just pay for shipping. Well, I've been interested in trying the box for awhile, and at $4.95 I figured it was definitely worth it.

The website has a bunch of how to's and simple do it yourself ideas, which is a fun little bonus: http://www.darbysmart.com/

This is a review of the January box, and it's got some discount coupons for you - I do not have any discount coupons of my own to share yet, but I am happy to let you use someone else's because this is worth it! My Subscription Addiction Darby Smart Jan. 2017 Review and Coupons

Using the pay only for shipping coupon got me a different box than the normal January box, which I can appreciate from a business standpoint.

My box got here before the end of January (I ordered on the second week of - so that was very nice!)

I love that it says "Internet rehab inside." Time away from the screen, away from craziness - it's smart of them to play into that concept.

The first thing present was a card with some ideas on it and a link to go look up the instructions. 

Next was a sheet of paper with some stencil ideas.

This gave me a good idea as to what I would find underneath the tissue paper, and I was right! A wood burning kit. Now, this is something that I have been mildly interested in trying, but I am well aware that my drawing skills are not stellar, which is what has staved me away. This isn't like painting - there are no happy little bushes to hide happy accidents. Nope, just the sweet, sweet smell of burning wood, branding your mistakes forever. A little dramatic, I know - still, that was the reason I've never tried this before. 

Okay - so we have two pencils that say "My Magic Wand" on them, a basic wooden box, and the wood burning kit. 

The Craftwood Wood Burning Creativity Set retails from $10.19 to $12.82, depending on what site you're looking at. Pencils, let's say 50 cents each, and a Darice Unfinished wood box of this size retails for $4.91. So - you're looking at a retail value of $16.10, going with the lower price on the wood burning kit, having paid $4.95. That's great. What's even better is that it was a lot of fun. 

My partner and I decided to do this together, since he's got the steadier hand. I decided to do the drawing. Naturally, the stencils provided were not good enough for me, so I Googled for a black line drawing of a frog. I did not trace him well. The frog I found online was better than this frog. This frog is a little worse for the wear. The little one is on a frog kick, so we decided to decorate the box for her.

Our frog, if lopsided, did come out quite dashing, if I do say so myself. 

The turtles, those were freehand drawn by me. I'm not so hot at drawing. They too are a little worse for wear. 

This was a lot of fun, and I can't wait for this month's box! I like that it's taking me outside of my comfort zone and that I get to try new crafty things. Plus - this was way cheaper than I would have spent in a store, which is a really nice bonus too. 

I definitely recommend trying the Darby Smart box!