Cheez-It Grooves - Zesty Cheddar Ranch

Since moving to Tennessee, it's been very difficult to find ranch flavored chips. I love ranch flavored chips. We were at the grocery store the other day and saw these by the checkout line. I was tentatively hopeful. Cheez-Its are delicious. Ranch flavored Cheez-Its - now that had the potential to be incredibly delicious, or a recipe for disaster. A little bag though - that's enough to give it a go. 

They were delicious. A veritable flavor explosion in the mouth. There's no bad aftertaste, they are not greasy at all, and you barely get any dust on your fingers. They were gone like that. They were so good that we went back to the store the next day for a large box. It's been a day. They're almost gone again. There's no wrong time to eat them either. They go great with breakfast. They go nicely with pizza for lunch. As an afternoon snack, by themselves? Great. With dinner. So good. Not that I almost ruined my dinner last night by eating a bunch or anything. Long story short? Delicious. Get them. You need these things. So tasty!