1984 Shirt and book bundle - Out of Print

When I found out about the necklace, as I peruse Out of Print's site from time to time, I saw they also had a bundle deal going on, a very rare occurrence. I was intrigued!

There are actually two going on right now one for 1984 and one for The Handmaiden's Tale.

You buy the shirt, you get the book for free, but you have to add the shirt to your cart first, otherwise the coupon won't automatically apply.

That being said, I went with 1984. I have multiple copies of both books, but I'm never going to turn down a free one, and I really liked the t-shirt design for 1984.

They came in the mail approximately a week and a half after I ordered them. 

The tag for the shirt looked like a due date card, this time with dates and names. I kept it as a bookmark.

The book doesn't have any special packaging. It's a Signet classics version. I didn't have this cover yet, so I'm keeping it instead of doing what some of my friends are doing - sending out their duplicates to people who haven't read the book yet. 

I couldn't get a really good picture of the shirt, but you can get an idea between the two pictures, or see it here: https://www.outofprintclothing.com/collections/1984-the-handmaids-tale/products/1984-womens-gray-tee

I was really pleased with the shirt, but my joy did not last. It's billed as 100% cotton, distressed, softened print, and slim fit, but there was no indication about shrinkage on the site. 

It shrinks in the wash. Get a size up. My super spiffy awesome shirt is now a tummy showing shirt - and it came down below the belt loops on my jeans before I washed it. 

Their return policy is that all items must be in new condition with tags still on, unwashed, in order to return them. So, this was a bust for me. I wanted a shirt for myself and instead, my littlest one now has a new nightshirt. I'll keep it in mind that they are not preshrunk if I order another shirt from the company in the future - and I probably will, they have so many book cover t-shirts, but this was a disappointment for me.