1984 necklace - Out of Print

I'm not big on jewelry, but I am big on books, so when I saw that Out of Print had a 1984 necklace, I was interested.

The DoublePlusGood necklace is $30.00. It is solid brass with 14kt gold plating. I'm not a gold jewelry person, I'm a silver jewelry person, but this looked good. The necklace is listed as lead free, and it has an adjustable 18 inch chain with a 3 inch extender. The company donates a book to a community for every necklace purchased.

This is how it gets shipped. Isn't that neat? It's made to look like a library due date card. 

When you pull out the card, it has the facts on the necklace.

Good to know: The extender is already attached to the chain. Don't go looking for two pieces in the package, it's just the one.

The verdict: It's high quality. It looks great. It goes with t-shirts and can be paired with fancier clothes. It doesn't irritate my skin, and it's easy to put on. The clasp isn't stiff at all, though it's not loose either, don't take it to mean that I'm saying that - it works well without being difficult or so easy as it could slip off. 

I really like it a lot, and I definitely think this was worth the price.