SunFrog Tees - Hoodie

I don't normally buy from T-shirt companies online, especially the print on demand ones, like SunFrog. I liked what this hoodie said, and it was appropos to my situation, and I was cold, and in a moment of weakness on 12/15/16, I ordered it.

The time to get the item was quite long - almost a month. After having received the item, however, this is my only complaint. I should note that it shouldn't typically take this long to get to you. Checking the order status two weeks after it was ordered sent me straight off to a message that apologized for the delay, told me my order was getting prioritized, and that delays were due to a high volume of holiday orders. Very professional and I didn't have to lift a finger to find out what was going on, much less try to get a hold of anyone. It was refreshing. That being said, here's what was ordered:

The hoodie came wrapped up like this, which was pretty spiffy - the packaging was a simple plastic shipping bag, very easy to open. No scissors needed, just tear and this pops out.

Here it is spread out on my desk. The colors are equal to that which was shown on their site, which is quite nice. There's always some concern with faded colors in this type of process, but that wasn't the case with their hoodie. I ordered a large because I like oversized hoodies and comfort. I don't care if something looks frumpy, as long as its comfortable, and this definitely fits the bill.

Here it is on, minus my head, because pfft, y'all don't need to see that. It's got the TN flag as the leaves of the tree and the Tx flag as the roots. Having just moved from one to the other towards the end of last year, it was quite fitting.

Now, the hoodie appears thin, but it's actually made out of the new synthetic fleece material, and it's quite toasty. As I sit here typing this, I've had it on the whole time, and I've got a nice warm bubble that it usually takes a blanket wrapped around me to mimic. All in all, this was definitely worth the cost. With shipping it came out to about $40 bucks, which is more than I normally pay for clothes of any kind, but as I said, I was cold, and this looked warm, and that's pretty much all that is needed to sell me on something. :) This was one impulse buy I was glad to make!

In summary - great experience with the company and great quality product.

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