Sponge Holder and Drainer

I like shopping online (because there are no people and I can stare at something as long as I like to make a determination without feeling rushed - this doesn't mean my choices are always a hit, just that I explore as thoroughly as possible before making a purchase). I like making homemade things, and I like supporting other people who make homemade things.

What this means is that Uncommon Goods is a site I enjoy perusing. Now, I generally don't buy from Uncommon Goods, because, quite frankly, they're overpriced on most of the things they sell. Every now and again, however, they end up coming out comparable to other sites, which means I generally go with them, as I do like the idea of supporting others who make things.

Now, my sweetie and I do not have a dishwasher in the house. It's an old house - built over 110 years ago. There's no easy way to put one in - not without getting rid of my cabinet space, and I like that I don't have an avalanche of pots and pans every time the cabinet door is opened. So we hand wash our dishes. No biggie, and it means quiet time from the kiddos, plus, it's soothing to clean things by hand. Well, we have a great old sink. I want to say it's ceramic. It's white, not metal, and very pretty, lots of rounded edges. Which means that when the water drains out of the sponge, the sponge generally falls into the sink, soaking up the water that has drained. After mutual complaints regarding the sponge, we decided we needed a sponge holder, and it was my job to find one. I'm not one for the stainless steel look. We tried all stainless steel appliances at the house we sold before we bought this one and ended up letting them stay with the house. Too many finger prints, too unwelcoming and non-homey feeling. So - that left me looking at plastic sponge holders - boring - or ceramic ones - oooh, pretty colors!

The ceramic ones were the most pricey - coming in at about $30/per. Uncommon Goods had one with a drain as well - which appealed to me - and it was at a comparable price. It was also pretty, so I grabbed it here: Sponge Holder with Drainer - This came out to about $30 with shipping, so it was a worthwhile time to give it a shot, I thought.

It shipped quick, though the shipping time was delayed due to inclement weather. It ended up getting here, with those weather delays, about a week and a half after I ordered it. The box was huge though - which left me very confused, until I opened it.

The small box was inside the other box, with so much bubble wrap a two year old could be entertained for a full day. Okay - so lots of protection - that's a good thing, though the excess packaging was a bit wasteful. This left the smaller box.

A note about the product and more bubble wrap. Three sheets, with one being wrapped around the sponge holder, and with peanuts underneath. Okay - super well protected - though this is getting excessive on the trash.

Finally, I got it out of the box:

It's exactly like the pictures on the site and like the description - a rarity in the online world. It keeps the sponge situated perfectly, and it looks great in the kitchen, while being wonderfully functional, and while draining the excess water right back into the sink. Definitely worth the cost!

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