Softsoap Luminous Oils Macadamia Oil & Peony scented body wash

Since moving from one state to another, my skin has been dry. I'm used to a hot, humid climate, and it's temperate and cool here. This is quite a refreshing change, but it makes my skin ache. I've found two products that, when combined, work phenomenally to address dry skin without leaving me feeling oily or gross, without having my skin feel like it's going to split in two, and without needing to put on lotion every five minutes. This is the first.

It's an oil based soap. It doesn't have a lot of lather, but it leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. It's relatively cheap, about $3.50 a bottle. The scent is pleasant, lightly floral, and not overwhelming at all. It does not cling to your skin after getting out of the shower, it just makes the shower smell nice while you're in there.

Highly recommended!