My Favorite Recipes

Not all things are terrible, and after a long series of bad movies, it's time for a good review. As you may know, it's rather difficult to find something that is no longer made, especially when you just have an idea of what it should look like. Well, I wanted to start putting together a recipe book for my youngest so that when she's older (she has an interest in cooking - elder child does not) she can make the things that she likes on her own.

To this end, I sought to find a recipe book, but not just any recipe book - a do it yourself book that would be easy to write in and easy to use. I knew I wanted the spiral bound kind, and I knew I wanted one with pages that would fit my handwriting, without me needing to use multiple pages. I searched and I searched, and I found one that I thought might work (several weeks worth of searching).

The book is called My Favorite Recipes and is put out by Gooseberry Patch Press.

It's spiral bound, as you can see, and it's hard cover, which is great. It allows the book to stand up very easily in a recipe stand, unlike paperbacks which require additional fandangling to get them to cooperate.

On the inside of the front cover is a conversion chart and a list of simple substitutions. As I have this on a magnet on the fridge, and that only after getting frustrated in the lack of ease of finding this in recipe books (almost always somewhere in the appendices), this was a welcome change. 

Here's the sample recipe page that they provide to show you how to set it up. As you can see, it's a nice, basic layout. It's incredibly easy to read, to navigate, and to use. There are several sections indicated by tabbed colors (Breakfast, Appetizers, and Main Course), but the back half of the book allows you to create whatever sections you would like, or to simply write willy-nilly if you're not one for organization. I'm writing one recipe every other night down, because I want to make sure that my handwriting doesn't get sloppy. Cannot recommend this do-it-yourself recipe book highly enough. 

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