Lively is a new bra and undies company.

Now that little one is done with breast feeding, I feel like I can start wearing some of my older shirts again - the ones that are not designed with breast feeding in mind. Tighter shirts, shirts with different cut sleeves, etc. Now the problem with this is that those shirts need a bra to be worn, and to be quite frank, I pretty much haven't worn a bra in the past two years. I had one bra left, that I would wear occasionally, when the situation called for it, but that was it. Well, it bit the dust. It was eaten by the washing machine. I wasn't paying attention when I put it in, and pfft, there she went. (No I don't hand wash "delicates." I have never had time for that.)

Naturally, the style of bra that my dead bra was is no longer made. Fashion trends and all that jazz. I tried buying a few at various stores, and they were all terribly uncomfortable. I felt like I was in a cage, and I say this as a person who actually likes corsets as an undergarment.

Then - a ray of hope! I saw an ad for Lively. Now, normally, this would mean nothing, but it was the same style as the bra that was dead. I was tentatively hopeful. I checked out their site and I checked out their reviews, and I saw an overwhelming number of positive reviews, with just a few complaints regarding sizes - namely that they don't have certain ones and that their underwear size chart is off. Armed with this knowledge, I ordered two sets - two pairs of undies and two bras. I received a notification less than four hours later that it was packaged for shipment. Now that's fast!

Weather delays resulted in them getting here in about a week, which isn't bad at all, especially with free shipping. (Spend x amount, get free shipping; buy multiple items, get discounts on those items).

The packaging was a basic Tyvek envelope. As it was delivered when the yard was starting to get standing water due to heavy rains, this was quite nice, as nothing was affected.

Inside the envelope was a muslin bag containing my order. I will be reusing this for crafting supplies!

My order information came in this slide envelope. Pretty, simple, and made it super easy to get in and out. 

Included was not only my invoice, but an envelope in case I needed to return anything, and a shipping label. Very thoughtful, but no returns needed.

This was the first set. Each is packaged in a separate plastic bag.

This was the second set.

As you can see from the back (above) and the front (below) - the design is super basic. It looks more like a swimsuit than a bra.

This was the second style bra I ordered. Again, very basic. 

Neither of them have hooks or clasps in the back. It's just slide on over the head and go. They are the most comfortable bras I have ever owned. I actually forgot I was wearing a bra. It was supportive without being intrusive. 

Sizes are true to the sizing chart for the bras. 36B is a M. 

For the undies, the complaints I read indicated that a size S was equal to a size 6, so I went with a size S, even though my measurements indicated on their undies sizing chart I should go for an M. S was equal to a size 6, as the complaints said, which meant that I got the right size first go. Had I listened to the undies sizing chart, they would have been too big. I opted for the basic briefs, which were exactly what I was looking for. Next time I may try a different style, just for funsies.

The material is very, very soft, and I cannot recommend these highly enough. I'm not going back to another brand of bras after this. I'm hooked!