Herbal Essences Naked - Grapefruit Mint

Sadly, I ran out of Dessange shampoo, so I grabbed the next thing in the bathroom storage closet. I want to say that I picked these up because I had a coupon, or they were on sale, or something. Sometimes I get Herbal Essences, but it's rare, so there had to be some other, additional factor motivating the purchase.

Whatever that other factor was - it was not worth it. This stuff stinks. I mean, if I had read the bottle when it was purchased, or smelled it, I wouldn't have purchased it at all. While it is true that the combination of grapefruit and mint will bring you out of your early morning stupor, it does not do so in a good way. There are no words to describe what this smells like other than "do not want." 

In addition, the shampoo does not lather well, at all. The conditioner does not rinse out easily, and the smell of grapefruit and mint combo randomly assaults your nostrils throughout the day. I ended up putting these back in the storage closet for the elder child, who seems to have no nose for things that stink, and as such will not mind it. I would not recommend getting these at all.