Preface: We don't see movies in theater anymore. With elder child having a difficult diagnosis and the little one not yet ready for a theater experience, we find it to be cheaper to just buy movies when they come out, if they look interesting. If they're not up to our standards, or just terrible, they go away, and we're out less than the cost of four people seeing a movie, heck, if you get snacks, we're out less than the cost of two people seeing a movie. Plus, we don't have to put on shoes, which is a big plus for me.

The little one has been quite interested in seeing Storks. We parental units couldn't figure out why. Thought the trailers were so/so, and just were not interested in it in the slightest. Well, little one rarely requests a movie, so what the heck - she was interested, might as well give it a go, after all, we've tried movies with less of a reason behind them. We purchased the movie on release day. We put it on after dinner, with the intention of being able to leave it going and get chores done around the house while she chilled. Little one was not the only one sucked into the movie. We ended up standing in the living room for at least five minutes before we gave up all pretense and sat down with her to watch the movie. It was great. Not only does the movie suck you in, there were multiple laugh out loud moments, genuine laughter, not "lols." It was a great movie overall, and with the run of bad movies before this one, it was a nice change of pace. I'd definitely recommend this one - it's worth buying.

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